Detox Foot Spa

A detox foot spa is a highly effective and relaxing way of detoxing your body through Ion Cleansing. During this external detoxification method, toxins are removed from your body. You simply place your feet into an Ion-Cleanser which uses a low-level, medical current to generate positively and negatively charged ions. Oppositely-charged, toxic particles are attracted and attach to the ions, encouraging your body to detoxify.

Remove toxins while relaxing!

There’s nothing better than a healthy way to indulge! Come to Oz Wellness Centre in Narre Warren and enjoy a warm foot spa whilst getting rid of toxins and chemicals from within your body. You may just be all the more happy and energetic for it!

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A detox foot spa can help your body in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • increased energy and reduced stress
  • improved memory and sleep
  • reduced severity of skin issues such as acne
  • assistance in weight loss

Your internals also receive benefits such as:

  • reduced toxins within your liver
  • an enhanced immune system
  • kidneys get a clean out
  • parasites are also cleansed

So if you’re feeling tired or dealing with swollen joints and skin issues, contact us today and book your detox foot spa!